Dating Ball Mason Jars

How Thus Far Your Ball Jar

Most of the sooner versions have been round (cylindrical) in form, and a variety of the later types are square (with rounded corners) in design. Some variants have vertical raised strains (“ribs” or “grips”) alongside the sides,  added to assist in handling the jars while they are moist. For instance, if you have a Ball jar, you’ll be able to date most of them just by wanting at the logo on the chart. Also, Ball Manufacturing Company changed the logo each few years, and when you compare your jars to the chart, you can see how outdated it is. The brand is the best way to date the jars as a outcome of the Ball logo modified throughout the years.

Ball sells its remaining interest in Ball-Foster Glass Company to Group Saint Gobain. It had entered a joint venture with the company a year earlier. Ball enters beverage can enterprise, buying Jeffco manufacturing co. in Golden, Colorado, to form its steel beverage container operations.

They usually are not price so much, but they are definitely price greater than their new counterparts. The value of an outdated Ball Mason jar depends on its age, condition and rarity. The commonest and oldest ones are worth about $5, while the rarer ones can go for as a lot as $50. Ball jars from specific a long time have their own unique brand, and they’re all value something completely different. The jar was produced around 1937, and not more than 50 have been ever made.

Rare finds

Also, the outdated jars are made from brittle glass and will shatter from the warmth of the canning process. The logo imprinted on each jar is, by far, the best and quickest method to decide the approximate age your Ball mason jar. I’ve created a pinnable reference information that details the entire primary logos and their manufacturing dates. The rarest jars are often in vintage green color, and these can stand up to $300. Based on the chart below, you presumably can see how the mason jar logos have been changing during the last a quantity of years.

Soon, the three other brothers (William, Lucius, and George) joined Frank and Edmund in Buffalo. 3) The Lincoln, Illinois glass plant (dating from 1942, initially Lincoln Glass Bottle Company, later Lincoln Container Corporation, later Pierce Glass Company) closed down in 2019. 1) Their Salem, New Jersey bottle manufacturing plant (originally Salem Glass Works, from 1863, later Anchor Hocking, later Anchor Glass Container Corporation) was closed by Ardagh Group in October of 2014.

How much is it worth?

The Buffalo Jar in amber is even rarer; solely four are recognized to exist. What is light blue to a minimum of one individual could appear aquamarine to a different. You can see quite lots of colors on the Hoosier Jar Color Page.

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Beyond the fundamental emblem, there are some other identifiers to search for to discover out the date and worth of your jar.