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They want to be there for them when no one else is, working hard to maintain this bond and even strengthen it. Because they tend so much to others, the ENFJ can sometimes neglect their own wants and needs. While they might not openly express when they need something, it is important that the person they are dating can recognize these things without being asked. They really need someone who will look out for the ENFJ as well and want to be supportive when they are feeling overwhelmed. ENFJs have charisma and charm and read others well, so they can usually attract those that pique their interest. Paradoxically, this can be a challenge for ENFJs that shift from a support role to a pushing position.

More accurately, ENFJs are simply honest and unashamed about their family, and delight in sharing them. To make a budding relationship worthwhile, ENFJS prefers a slow burn. They like to take their time, riding the romance out so they can prove their seriousness about it.

This can be hard for the ENFJ and their partner at times since they put a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect in the relationship. ENFJ partners want harmony above all else, sometimes at the expense of their own needs. ENFJs are very sensitive to criticism and can become highly emotional and even punishing when their feelings are hurt. However, they have great insight about people, emotions and motivations; they are often able to put this talent to use in resolving things. When Protagonists fall for someone, they tend to fall hard – and they’re not coy about it.

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I have had paranoia, said negative comments towards him and his family when acting out of emotion, and constantly threatening to breakup. The last time I implied breaking up, he went along with it and we did even though I didn’t take it seriously. I called him a few days later to say sorry, not realising that he was actually following through with the break up. Since you will both have opposing strengths and weaknesses, you can learn to complement each other and pick up slack when the other person needs it. Or he may be embarrassed at how uncomfortable it makes him when a current partner hangs out with male coworkers on a Friday night, but he’s unable to articulate why he feels that way. As a result, in present and future relationships, the INFJ man has a leftover instinct to not trust a particular scenario.

ENFJs want to be with partners with big dreams and ambitions, and they want to support them along that journey. The judging trait means you are often decisive and action-oriented. You might act with conviction where other myers briggs personality types would hesitate. Choosing relationship partners with personality types most likely to be compatible with yours. In summary, ENFP relationships can be extremely rewarding because their personality type is warm and affectionate and wants to please their partners. The ENFP will desire a meaningful connection and conversation with their partner, and they will want their partner to grow and achieve their life’s dreams.

ENFJ Personality Type: Protagonist Personality Meaning

ENFJs will always find a reason to spend time with the person they love. As social as they are, it can be very obvious when their attention is honed in on one individual. Upon falling in love, they will endlessly ask questions and try to get to know the other person, more so than the usual curiosity towards a new acquaintance. The ENFJ female will be sincere and clear from the onset about their feelings. Much of the time, her bubbly, open personality can be seen as flirtatious, although she is naturally adept in social skills. ENFJ males value strong emotional connections, so they are very picky about a potential partner.

ENFJs can easily fall into relationships in which they give more than they receive. Because of their eagerness to please (not to be confused with disingenuous people-pleasing), their consistent acts of love and help can be taken for granted. ENFJs can be very idealistic, and they treat their relationships accordingly. They can bend over backward for their partner, always taking heed to give them what they need. ENFJs enjoy doing and providing things that they know will delight their partner.

The ENFP in love is fun to be around, as they are lively and upbeat, and they have a lot of energy. Popular hobbies for the ENFJ include organizing social events, reading, the arts, museums, storytelling, listening to music, writing, and gourmet cooking. Not quite sure about what she meant here by “loves” me as you both grow in the relationship. Perhaps she feels that words are too easy to say and don’t carry as much weight.

The ENFJ partner seeks someone who has goals, as the ENFJ wants to help their partner be successful in life. ENFJ relationships are lively, as the ENFJ partner is energetic and has a good sense of humor. The ENFJ partner has strong people skills and communicates well. The test also determines whether a person makes decisions on the basis of thinking or feeling and whether they tend more toward judging or perceiving. If you are an ENFJ, your biggest dating challenge may be keeping calm when you find someone you think is a good match. ENFJs tend to dive into relationships they believe have promise, and this enthusiasm can be intimidating and off-putting to others.

Share your hopes and dreams with your ENFJ partner; they want to grow with you. You can also expect ENJFs in relationships to be energetic and gregarious. They will enjoy social outings, and the relationship will be full of humor. In terms of the physical aspects of your relationship, the ENFJ lover will be eager to please and will want to make you happy sexually. While they value stability and routine, they will sacrifice their desire for predictability and routine to make you happy.

ENFJs are warm, compassionate communicators who show enthusiasm for other people and their ideas. They want to understand what is important to others so that they can take action to improve the situation for all involved. ENFJs readily give affirmation and support, making sure that people know that their ideas are valued. They are good at connecting with a variety of people and creative in coming up with solutions that accommodate others’ needs.

However, there are a few personality types that the ENFJ is least compatible with. ENFPs have an all-or-nothing personality, which is why they are drawn to the grounded presence of introverted, intuitive judgers. Introspective partners are the ying to an ENFP’s over-zealous yang. Much like children, their excitable natures are comforted by meaningful, structured thought. People with the ESFJ personality type tend to be empathetic, warm-hearted, and supportive in their behavior. Addressing conflict, so it may be helpful to have weekly conversations about what is going well in the relationship, as well as what may need to improve.