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You never know who you’ll run into, or who they might know. You will meet someone when you least expect it. To those women who want a man their age who is still raising kids and is stable, good looking and not a basket case.

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You will probably need to get an estate planner involved if you have assets that needs to be protected. Talk about savings and marital assets that you each bring to the marriage and discuss how they will be handled. Talk about taxes and Social Security and how those will affect your future financial stability. A burden of these years is that we will hole up somewhere and mourn our age, our change in life, our losses. It has greater impact than death in many ways.

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It’s so true and fitting for people in the 50+ age group. What I found was missing was actually having a relationship with this person. But we did not have a relationship. We did not have a trustworthy friendship. Now, because I took such good care of myself, I look twenty years younger, I have a well-established career and all the money I want, and I get laid just exactly as much as I want.

This is why we have collected five woman over 50 dating profile examples. These will give you some inspiration and point you in the right direction when it comes to writing your profile description. To find good matches, you’ll need to give a great first impression. Your profile is your opportunity to clearly state your interests and what you want out of a relationship, and set yourself up for a wonderful first date.

Not sure what I want beyond companionship and sex, but I am totally open to the possibilities. Ya, but as one poster already stated and as stats show women 50+ are no longer interested in sex only companionship. Men still want til very old age so why they try to go as young as possible. ‘Friendship’ means casual sex without emotional involvement, not real friendship at all. I’m in my early 50s, I’m a cute size 14 redhead, divorced after a 37 yr relationship.

Another post mentioned there lack of dance clubs in town what a shame. I am not a good dancer but love music and think that would be a fun way to connect with someone as clumsy as I am. I have a few “men” friends that are 70+ old and are single. They tell me they will stay single the rest of their days and each one has their reasons as to why.

I can understand if someone else does too. I also want minimal stress in my life, and this outlook is very necessary for my overall wellness. I am certainly not the typical woman out there obsessed with activities and shopping. I am not lazy, but I know how to relax and have peace in my life. After being in intimate relationships with men all of my adult life there is no way I could have an intimate relationship with a woman.

She loves me and will always love me, but she needs to move on. As for my soon to be ex, she kept telling me and her family that she wants to have a child and all other blah, blah, blah…but she never had her constant menstrual issues checked. Up until I caught her, it was more about how much money they were going to make versus the great money we made each year.

I really dont care about your successes in life, where you have travelled, etc. ‘if’ you dont fulfill this basic requirement. I have male friends…I don’t need a ‘friend’. I want and desire a ‘hot babe’ who is a ‘beep’ in bed.

She was younger and very good looking. I had to break up with her, I wanted it to work out. The more I got to know her and after I started to take down the blinders. I realized that she had a ton of issues beyond my control. Knowing how difficult it is for me, to just get a date with someone. I knew it was best for me to end it with this girl.

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